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“It’s fascinating to be on the operating table and think, ‘I bought that’… right down to the bed.


As the Manager of Purchasing for The Moncton Hospital, I could see how donations really helped the hospital get much-needed equipment. From brand new chairs for chemotherapy patients in Oncology to laproscopic equipment for the OR, I know how much care goes into purchasing equipment – we really focus on patient needs. I can tell you first-hand how valuable those chairs are, because when everything hurts, even comfortable chairs can help.


I always thought maybe my family would need this stuff. I never thought it would be me.”  – Rhonda

Right now, you can ensure everyone in our community receives the best care possible by giving to the Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation. 

To make a donation to the current campaign in honour of someone you know or someone you want to give special recognition to - a loved one, a frontline worker, the healthcare team, a volunteer -  click the ‘Donate’ button below. On the "Donation Amount" page, select "I am supporting: Current Campaign”. 

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