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Louise Ouellet

“If it wasn’t for The Moncton Hospital, I wouldn’t be here today.”


For many women, signs of an imminent heart attack aren’t what they expect. For Louise Ouellet, who had been on treatment for a pulmonary embolism that had happened in 2015, her first visit to The Moncton Hospital in 2019 wasn’t so concerning to her. After a couple of days, she thought she was ready to go home, though medical staff tried to encourage her to stay a bit longer.


“I didn’t quite realize what was happening to me, even though they told me that it was life threatening. It didn’t just go through my mind at that point. Maybe because of a lack of oxygen to my brain.”


Two days later, a pain behind her knee quickly escalated into difficulty breathing and Louise found herself back at the Emergency Department, where they admitted her immediately. Shortly after that she went into full cardiac arrest. What happened then was a bit of a blur.


“I have some glimpse of seeing a nurse and doctors above me and being in a lot of pain. They intubated me and when I actually gained consciousness, I don’t know how many days it was afterwards, I saw my daughter, and they asked me to squeeze her hand and I did. I’m so blessed to be here right now, I’m just enjoying today, so this experience really taught me to just be in the moment.”


Louise can’t say enough about the treatment she received in the three weeks following her heart attack.


“The nurses were all so kind and patient with me. You could tell their heart and soul was there with me and anything I would need. It felt like in a five-star hotel,” she says with a laugh, “They were always ahead of things, like if you were to drop a ball and couldn’t tell them, they would be there to catch it right away. You can tell that they are really, really good at what they are doing, very experienced. I felt safe when I was there.”


Louise has developed a real bond with The Moncton Hospital after such a life changing event.

“I’m in the three percent of people that survive from this and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m emotionally attached to The Moncton Hospital. They really did a great job, they were so professional and fast. I would say to them that I am forever grateful.”


“Each time I drive by, I always kiss them like this and I say thank you Moncton Hospital and I send them my blessing. Every single time I drive by!” – Louise Ouellet

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