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Grace and Sabrina (mom)


When I was 32 weeks pregnant, I went for a routine ultrasound. They found a large mass, about the size of a baseball, on Grace’s abdomen. From my Obstetrician’s office, we were sent right up to the Maternal Fetal Medicine  Clinic at The Moncton Hospital for further inspection. When we found out that she had a tumour, we were thrown into it pretty quickly.


We were told that they wouldn’t know what the tumour was until she was born. They wanted to keep a really close eye on her to see if it was going to keep growing, where its location was…we had ultrasounds every day. 


After Grace was born, we were seeing our pediatrician every week at first, so she could stay under close observation. Now, she goes once a month. A typical appointment for her now is checking on weight and height, feeling her incision - she has a really large incision that runs from her pelvic bone up to her chest, so they keep a close eye on that as well - and just making sure she’s happy and healthy.


Grace will need follow-ups until she’s at least 5 years old which will consist of ultrasounds, blood work, meetings with her Pediatrician and even with the dietician as well to make sure she’s having good intake and growing appropriately."


Pediatric Patient, in utero tumour diagnosis

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