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Kelly Gaudet

“It’s more important than ever that we work to keep people safe."

For nearly thirteen years, Kelly Gaudet has been a valued member of The Moncton Hospital team. Working in Environmental Services, her role has always been key, but it became one of the most crucial factors in helping keep patients and frontline healthcare workers safe since March 2020.


“When the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown, it was scary. While people had to remain at home to stay safe, I’m thinking it’s more important than ever for me to go to work to keep people safe.”


Masked throughout their shifts and having to take extra protective measures, Kelly and her co-workers stepped up and adapted quickly to all the extras that were required of them.


"As a team, we all pitched in together, thinking harder about what you touch and what other people touch. We knew it was very important to make sure that we go that extra mile to keep the hospital clean and keep us all safe.”


Their efforts have not gone unnoticed within the hospital environment, where their thoroughness and attention to detail is not taken for granted.


“Both inside and outside the hospital, people have come up to me and said thanks, if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be able to run. Our doctors have shown their appreciation and taken the time to thank us personally. I knew we were important, but now I really realize how important we are in our field."


Kelly praises New Brunswicker’s for doing their part.

“More than ever, people are aware of how everyone is vital to this pandemic and keeping us safe. Everyone has played a role to play.  In New Brunswick, we’re lucky that we have been so diligent in what we do." 

Kelly adds with a laugh, “Those sanitizer containers are empty all the time, so we know people are using them which is great! Because that’s what we need to do to stay safe!!


Has the added stress changed the way she feels about what she does?


"I absolutely take pride in my work. When I clean I think about the person coming in after me and what they would think. I want them to feel like it is clean and is safe. When I go home at night I can sleep because I know I did the best job that I can." – Kelly Gaudet

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