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Maurice Henri


We all know someone… someone that was related to or was friends with someone that had cancer. Suddenly the arrows are pointing at me.


I was diagnosed mid-December 2021 with prostate cancer. Cancer. It’s a word I never expected to hear. I’ve been very diligent all my life about doing my physical checkups. It wasn’t registering. My thoughts in that moment were, ‘You’re wrong, because I don’t feel sick.’ Until they did the biopsy and then it became very real, very fast.  


A 50/50 chance. 18 months. When you start hearing stuff like that…


I don’t know if you can remember when you were a kid, and your school holidays, those 2 months off in the summer, they lasted forever. It was so long that you were looking forward to going back to school. That’s the cruel joke of getting older, time seems to go faster. So, 18 months? For me? Man, that’s not a long time. I went into a tailspin. 


When I went in for surgery, I couldn’t have anyone with me, not even my wife. Thank God for the doctors, the nurses - even the person who brought me my meals in the hospital. Everybody became my family, became my friends, immediately. My Urologist, Dr. Guy LeBlanc, my absolute hero - I love him - he was very thorough and I know he treated me with absolute care to the best of his ability. I felt every single time I was with him that I was the only person on the planet. And boy, just that, gives you those wings that make you feel, ‘I’m going to be ok.’ 


The hospital, the staff… they’re perfect. Perfect. I’m going to live today because of them. How can I say ‘Thank You’? Thank you is not enough."


Prostate Cancer Patient

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