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Maria Couture


“This will make it easier for everyone and improve early detection.”   


As the Mammography Supervisor at The Moncton Hospital’s Katherine Wright Centre, Maria Couture has spent much of her work-life ensuring New Brunswick women receive the best possible care with regards to breast imaging mammography. Providing this much-needed services with excellence, she and her team are on the frontlines, screening over 10,000 women each year. 


“All of our staff, including the Administrative Support Team and the Mammography Technologists are very dedicated in their work. They all have a genuine compassionate mannerism for every patient and an extensive in-depth knowledge of their medical profession.”


Maria has been a fixture at the hospital for over four decades, and has seen the many changes and upgrades in breast imaging technology that have made a big difference in the department’s ability to deliver the kind of progressive diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer that saves lives.


“Since 1980, I’ve worked with four different mammography units with the new 3D units being the fifth. The 2D equipment we purchased in 2008, with the assistance of the Friends of The Moncton Hospital, is at its end of life in terms of maintenance and replacement parts, so we are looking forward to having the new 3D units installed.”


“This 3D technology or Tomosynthesis is an advanced form of mammography that can detect a cancer much earlier and easier especially within an area of dense breast tissue.  The benefits of finding a cancer at an early stage can mean that the patient will have less invasive surgery and treatment.


Maria and her colleagues are very excited with the prospect of providing even better imaging services to New Brunswickers in the near future.


“We know routine screening and early detection leads to more positive outcomes. 

This will help us to better help others


This is for a co-worker who is dealing with breast cancer now. It will be for my daughters-in-law, for my granddaughter and for all my patients and their entire families whose well-being and way of life are impacted by a cancer diagnosis. 


“Knowing how important early detection is, this new 3D mammography equipment will certainly aid in saving more lives.” –Maria Couture, RMT, Mammography Supervisor

Right now, you can ensure everyone in our community receives the best care possible by giving to the Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation. 

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