“I first noticed it when I was driving home from Saint John after a wedding one weekend: a bird flying in front of my car. It was more annoying than anything, but then I kept seeing ‘the bird’ once I got home… and inside my house. That’s when I realized there was something wrong with my sight.


I found out at age six that I had Type 1 Diabetes. Because I’ve had it almost all my life, and I watch what I eat, sometimes I don’t think about it. Then it’ll hit me how serious it really is. It can affect any part of your body but for me, it’s my vision. Blood vessels will burst behind my eyes. Just bending over and getting up too fast can cause a rupture. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s like looking through a mesh screen, it’s hard to see because blood is basically clouding my eye, and it moves around. It can take weeks to go away. But to look at me, you wouldn’t see it.


Dr. Vicki Taylor has been my Ophthalmologist for about 28 years. It’s nice because she knows me and my history. I trust her and know she stays up on the latest studies and technologies. That’s why she’s been using an injection procedure to treat my eyes – it plugs up the little leaks without damaging peripheral vision (which laser treatment can do). Dr. Taylor, the Eye Clinic and the advanced technology they have at The Moncton Hospital has made such a difference in my treatments. I think it’s good for me and everyone else in the community that we have that. I’m grateful it’s all here.” – Gerene

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